Why an individual adaptation?

Conventional kiteboard bindings

Mass-produced unisex kiteboard bindings are made for the broad market and therefore can hardly fit anyone with a perfect fit as each foot is unique. This affects your riding feeling, as often only by effort a frictional connection between your foot and the binding can be produced.

ADICS FeelGood

We are the first manufacturer in the world to produce a kiteboard binding that is tailored to the rider’s individual needs. No matter how big, small, wide or narrow your foot is, with the FeelGood you will always find the perfect grip for an inimitable riding experience and complete board control.

How does it work?

To make the individual binding, we first need the footprint of the rider. For this we send the customer our Footprint Box and a return slip. The footprint is scanned, such that we can create a custom mould of the shape of your footprint. Using this method, we can respond to the individual wishes or problems of the customer and incorporate them into the shape of the footpad.

Trittschaum klein

With our footprint box we get your footprint.

David Konstruktion klein

Our experts scan your footprint and create a custom mould of the shape of your feet.



We mill and post-process the custom made footpads.


Highlights of the ADICS FeelGood binding

Zehensteg ohne FußZehensteg mit Fuß

Individual toe ramp

The toe ramp is specifically adapted to the anatomical shape of your toes. This allows you to apply force through the footpad to the board through each toe. This results in the decisive advantage of having the board fully under control, particularly when landing jumps .

Longitudinal arch support

The longitudinal arch support actively supports your foot. Since there is a perfect fit between your foot and the binding, constantly attempting to maintain pressure between footpad and strap becomes a thing of the past. The midfoot muscle is relieved, which prevents cramping and pain in the foot. In the opinion of our R&D drivers, this also results in relief of tension in the ankle and the knee joint.




Heel lock

With our incorporated heel lock, your foot remains completely secure in the binding. Whilst when using typical foot bindings, there exists the constant threat of slipping out of the binding during tricks or when riding, our custom-made binding ensures that your feet remain stable and secure. In addition, you can actively control the board via your heel. This leads to complete control over the edge of the board.


Transverse offset

The position and the angle of the foot in the binding changes depending on the direction of riding. Of course, this was taken into account when designing the custom pads; the foot is given a certain amount of freedom of movement (transverse offset) to the inside. Rather than being rigid in the binding, your foot can always find the optimal position.


Different sizes

For different shoe sizes we offer two pad sizes, which we divide into size M and L. Up to a shoe size of 40 D / Eu we choose the size M for you and up to shoe size 48 D / E the size L. You can find a technical drawing of our pads here.

Passt die Bindung auf mein Board?

Unsere Bindung sollte auf 99% der Boards auf dem Markt passen. Um sicher zu gehen, findest du hier eine technische Zeichnung, wo du die Abmaße überprüfen kannst.

Will the binding fit on my board?

Our binding should fit on 99% of the boards in the market. To be sure, you can find a technical drawing here where you can check the dimensions.

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