To customize the binding to your foot, we first need your footprint. We will send you a footprint box with a return slip. In this video you will find a guide. After we receive the footprint box from you and the payment is transfered to our account, we begin the production. For customers outside germany this process depends very much from the duration of the shipments.

In the design of the binding, a certain amount of leeway is planned for this case, which also makes it possible to ride with neoprene shoes.

Basically, the base pad is designed so that mounting on each board is possible.

Um sicherzugehen, dass dein Board wirklich passt kannst du unsere Lochabstände hier mit den Abständen auf deinem Board vergleichen.

To make sure your our bindings really fit to your board, you can compare our hole distance here with the distances on your board.

The binding is individually adapted to the anatomy of your foot. That’s why we can not take it back and as we can’t resell it.

Would you like more information about our product? No problem! Here you can find our contact information.